Get to Know Spencer Posey, Our New Associate

This week, I welcome Spencer Posey, Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT121457), to the practice. I couldn’t be more excited to have him join me.


Spencer specializes in porn and sex addiction, couples, and trauma and will be working under my supervision. Recently, I sat down with him for a quick Q&A.


1) Tell us a little about yourself.


I was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California. Growing up in that area gave me the privilege of exploring its many wildlife trails and beaches which helped to nurture my love for nature and spending time outdoors. I eventually moved to Orange County to study at Biola University for my bachelor’s degree, during which time I met my wife.


After getting married I worked as a barista at a local coffee shop which provided the opportunity to hone my latte art skills. As fun as the coffee industry is, I knew I wanted to pursue a career which not only gave me joy, but also gave me purpose and fulfillment, which is why I decided to pursue my M.A. in Clinical Psychology to become a therapist.


2) Why did you become a therapist?


I became a therapist because I noticed a common thread within all my various professional roles through which I felt most fulfilled. That common thread was facilitating a space in which people could come as they are and not feel judged for wanting to work through hard things.


The reason I feel so drawn to providing spaces like this for others is because I know what it is like to suffer through loss, fight off shame, and do the work to reintegrate what feels like a divided life.


More importantly, I know how essential the non-judgmental, grace-filled, and compassionate relationships were and still are for overcoming and managing these difficult experiences in my life. I became a therapist because I not only want to provide this kind of relationship with those I serve, but  also empower them to foster these kinds of relationships for themselves.


3) If you could share one thought with those who read this, what would it be?


I used to believe that the goal of wellness was to avoid or numb any type of distressing experience or emotion. I have found that the goal is not to avoid emotion, but to embrace it and let it move me toward intimacy with others. After all, intimacy is a far better friend to wellness than avoidance. Where are your emotions moving you?


About Spencer


Spencer graduated in July of 2020 from Pepperdine University with his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. His passion is working with individuals and couples as they learn how to manage the often difficult emotions and experiences which become tangled up in porn and sex addiction.


Spencer is also interested in working with those who are learning how to manage stress and trauma in ways that work for their wellbeing and not against it. When Spencer is not practicing therapy he enjoys camping, running, anything outdoors-related, and enjoying a good cup of coffee with friends and loved ones.


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Jeremy Mast

Jeremy is a licensed marriage and family therapist (CA LMFT90961) in private practice in Ventura, California. He helps those struggling with drugs, alcohol, and out-of-control sexual behaviors awaken to new possibilities for their lives. He lives with his wife, son, and cat in beautiful southern California.

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