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Sexual addiction, anxiety, and trauma can often cast a shadow on how people see themselves and the world around them. Are you familiar with this shadow?


If you are, you may feel that any form of wellness is out of reach. You might even feel isolated and hopeless. It could be that you have lived in this shadow for so long, you forgot what life feels like without it.


I am familiar with this shadow because I had lived in it for much of my life, convinced I could not experience the hope and freedom of life that I once knew.


My goal as a therapist is to help those discover what I eventually discovered—that you can experience hope again, you can experience a life of freedom, and that your life does not have to be controlled by the shadow of addiction, anxiety, or trauma.


I recognize the pain attached to these difficult aspects of life is powerful, and that this pain can often make healing feel impossible. Through our work together, we can discover how to manage this pain in ways that support your freedom, health, and connection with yourself and those you love.


You can have a life full of hope and wellness, a life lived out from under the shadow, and in the light. Tell the shadow of addiction, anxiety, and trauma that it will not control your life any longer. Reclaim hope, connection, and a life full of light.


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About Spencer


Spencer graduated in July of 2020 from Pepperdine University with his Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. His passion is working with individuals and couples as they learn how to manage the often difficult emotions and experiences which become tangled up in porn and sex addiction.


Spencer is also interested in working with those who are learning how to manage stress and trauma in ways that work for their wellbeing and not against it. When Spencer is not practicing therapy he enjoys camping, running, anything outdoors-related, and enjoying a good cup of coffee with friends and loved ones.


Spencer is a member of the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP), an global community of therapists and mental health professionals dedicated to supporting those struggling with sex addiction, pornography addiction, or other out-of-control sexual behaviors. For more information, please visit