Men’s Sexual Health Group

Whether it’s porn, masturbation, sexting, online chatting, hookups, or something else, if you’re struggling with unwanted sexual behaviors, you’re not alone.


Maybe you’ve been wrestling with these sexual behaviors for a long time. You feel:

  • the behaviors in your life feel out of control
  • scared if anyone really knew about everything that you’ve done in secret
  • ashamed, lonely, disconnected from your partner, and depressed


You don’t have to struggle in silence.


This group can help you:

  • Work through your feelings in order to make real changes in your life
  • Understand why the unwanted behaviors have had such a grip on you
  • Create and live out a plan for lasting change
  • Form deep, meaningful relationships with others
  • Feel like yourself again and live free from fear, anxiety, and shame


Whether you’re ready to make changes in your life or aren’t sure what to do, this group offers support and practical solutions that can work for you.


Even if you’re already in counseling for yourself or with your partner, this group for men only can be a safe place to think through how you can re-engineer your life.


About the Group

This group is currently forming and will start meeting soon. To participate in the group, an upfront deposit of the monthly fee of $250 holds your spot. Payment for the month is due on the first meeting of each new month.


The group will cap at 7 to make sure that the group is small enough that everyone gets individualized, focused attention.


When: Thursdays from 6:15 – 7:45 PM

Where: Meeting online via Zoom


Space is Limited — Call Today

Interested? Please call or text (805) 256-3497 or email for more information.  Contact us to set up your screening call today, because I want to make sure that the group is a good fit for you and that you have a great experience.